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     Annie Pateman

Phone No.  0418 950 621


Now available as an Audio Book  at Audible (please click on the image)


Phone no:   0418 950 621


This memoir by Annie Pateman tells of a horrible ordeal which I am certain is unique in human experience. She survives with great courage and goes on to raise a family and have a successful career. As a fellow writer, I recommend this book and place it in the ‘must read’ category for 2020. It is a touching story which cries out to be made into a film.

@James G Dow

Annie has demonstrated amazing courage sharing her story and overcoming adversity, further setbacks and living life to the full, encouraging the reader to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t see it.

David P.

Annie's story is testament to the human spirit and one woman's ability to overcome enormous obstacles and come out smiling. As the child of Holocaust survivors and a true survivor herself, her story will undoubtedly help inspire other women confronting major problems

@John Kneebone,

former journalist Herald Sun

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