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I couldn’t put down the book since I received it. Probably spent two whole days reading it. I know you in person. As I flipped through each pages, I get to know you a little bit more. The style of writing is personal, warm and easily related to. Prior reading the book, I perceived you as a positive, assertive with great deal of organisation skills. As I was reading, it became clearer to me how each adversary in life has mounded you to become who you are today. I salute you for your inner strength and pressing on attitude. Failures, adversaries are part of life. The way how you respond to life is a wake up call for me. Toughen up and pressing on, embracing the essence of life.


                                                                          Naomi L


We had only just met on a Greek Island cruise in 2010 and instantly i admired your sense of adventure and free spirit as you ran across traffic to hail a horse and carriage ride through the streets of Athens. Later in 2012 you would join us in my adventures to New York for my 35th birthday. In 2020 I am honored to printed in the pages of your book. What a great achievement Annie Pateman and still admire your strength to live life to the fullest.


                                                                           Louise M-K

In the blink of an eye I’m half way through ‘The Strength Within,” a memoir of beginning life half way around the world, emigrating at an early age and growing up in suburban Melbourne. My hometown and at roughly the same time I was growing up. I related to, and giggled at, Annie’s reflections of her one special outfit that only saw the light on very special occasions, and, in my case Sundays. Back then we only owned three pairs of shoes; our best patent leather shoes, school shoes and thongs.... (🥴flip flops )  I have to mention the long white socks🤣... that’s a fashion memory we’d all like to forget.😂 I can embarrassingly and a little shamefully relate to Annie’s sister, the dibber-dobber. I have 4 brothers who would tease me at the drop of a hat, and I did have to share a bedroom, as Annie did, with the one closest in age to myself, which is coincidentally 15 months; the age difference between Annie and her sister! There was no line down the middle of our bedroom 😂but dibber dobbing was par for the course! . That was back in the 60s.
This isn’t a sad memoir, it’s uplifting and real. 🥂

                                                                             Merren Gray

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