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Audiobook now available

So excited to announce that my book is now available as an Audiobook. It was narrated by the wonderful Jane Bayly who narrated my story with empathy, compassion, drama and joy, personifying the quality narration I was looking for. Jane understood me and the highs and lows of my journey.

(Here is a little info about Jane -

The audio book is perfect for people who are vision impaired or have a disability that doesn't enable them to hold a book or an ipad. Of course it is also perfect for listening to during a number of activities, such as jogging, driving the car, waiting for your children at sports or any other activity, walking, cooking or basically anyone who would prefer to listen to a book rather than reading one - the possibilities are endless. Please enjoy my audiobook. Click on the links to your favourite site. Coming soon to Audible and Spotify.


Happy listening (and reading)!!!

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