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Goodbye 2023 and Thank You

Happy New Year!! I have been quite absent from my blog due to a number of reasons but I am now back with a summary of the highlights of 2023. Well, what a year it has been. So many exciting experiences and opportunities came my way this year which I grabbed with two hands.

The first highlight was a trip to Bali in July where I attended a Writer's retreat. I met some amazing people and was inspired by Adam Wallace who was one of the authors/ facilitators. A new project was born from this event - more of that to come. Here is a link with a fun a chat/interview I had with my mentor and organiser Andrew Jobling. Also included are Justine Martin and as mentioned earlier author Adam Wallace. Please enjoy the wise words of everyone. I am at the 20 minute mark.

Me in Bali

Secondly - I was privileged to have been asked along with two of my colleagues from my Toastmasters Club the Hills in Emerald by the Mt Burnett Observatory Executive to MC a 3 hour LIVE television event on Channel 31. Something that I have never done before but helped by all the skills I learnt at Toastmasters. This was an amazing experience interviewing a range of scientists and astrologers for Science Week held back in August. I learnt so much myself listening to these inspiring people who are passionate about their subjects and the universe. The broadcast was very successful. Here is the link to the broadcast - fabulous insight to the stars and the planet.

I was also privileged to be a guest speaker this year. Two highlights were the Monbulk Probus Club and the Emerald and District Rotary who were interested in hearing my story and my book The Strength Within. I received a warm welcome by the members. They were a very attentive audience and asked some really good questions after my presentation. Thank you so much to President Sangeeta Bajaj for the warm welcome and Vicki Vandenberg who recommended me and Susi Wilson liasing with me.

What a fabulous group of people - great teamwork. Lots of fun and laughter throughout the evening.

Photo with President Sangeeta and member Catherine Elfick.

In summary, these are some of the highlights I experienced this year. Bali was amazing - something that I had not planned and initially quite hesitant to go because I was travelling on my own and have never travelled overseas by myself. It was a major hurdle that I had to overcome and I am so glad I did it!! I just had to get myself there and everything else was taken care of. The people I met were amazing - all like minded - some authors, some authors to be. All had a story to tell. And of course, the food, the weather was great -- all of it. I now understand why Bali is a go to destination.

I look forward to what 2024 hold in store for me. As mentioned earlier there is a project or two in the plan which I will fill you in hopefully in the not too distant future. It is so good to be back to a "normal" life after so many disruptions in the last 2/3 years with Covid. Please all take care as Covid is still around. Be safe. I wish you all good health and a wonderful 2024 and hope your wishes come true! Don't forget my book, The Strength Within is available in paperback, ebook and audio book - just click here The Strength Within - Pateman, Annie | 9781528928281 | | Books to order your preferred copy.

Much love Annie

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