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A Quintette of Questions with Narrelle Harris - Author & Crafter

Another wonderful opportunity - I was a guest on Narrelle's website as part of her series a Quintette of Questions. I am privileged to be among quite a few outstanding and well known authors.

As a new kid on the author block, I am discovering what a wonderful, welcoming, supportive community, authors are. I am enjoying being part of it.

When visiting Narelle's website, I saw this pic of Narelle with Sigrid Thornton. I couldn't believe it. When you read my answers you will understand why. If by some miracle, my book is made into a movie, I would love Sigrid to play me.

*Narrelle with Sigrid Thornton

Narrelle is an award winning author - her genre is fantasy, horror and erotic romance. Please click on the link for the Q & A answers and while you are there, have a wander around Narrelle's fabulous website

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